Foodshare is an eco-friendly app with an incentivising model that will encourage people to share food that might otherwise go to waste. Our philosophy is that it should be advantageous to reduce your food waste for both environmental and economic reasons, and we have developed a user-friendly app that will help you think (and do) the same.

Paying specific attention to the user-experience and aesthetics, Foodshare allows users to easily share food while in their home or on the go. The process is simple: take a photo of your food item, categorise it with one of the Foodshare labels, enter your location, and you’ve done your part! Someone on the hunt for that extra apple or carrot will stumble upon your post in their feed and contact you if they want to pick up your item. You two then arrange a time/place to meet, and BOOM – Eco-friendliness!


Main interfaces sketching -> Wireframe with Axure -> Interface Design


Main interfaces sketching and interactive wireframe

As a UX/UI designer in the team, I worked closely with the people from Foodsharing Org, prototyping wireframes (Axure), and UI design including icons and layout (Illustrator).

Final Proposal


This project allows me to understand the mobile device design principals. Meanwhile, I was able to design for people from a different culture, which means there were lots of details to consider. For instance, the western people did not like talking about the weight. Therefore, the relative topic needed to be avoided in the APP.

Moreover, working in an international team (with Indonesian, German and Swedish) gave me a chance to think more in various perspectives and enhanced my communication abilities. I also managed to organise the meetings and communicate with the programmer and the other two teammates who had limited knowledge about coding and design.

This project is my first Mobile UI design. As time goes by, my new design insights always inspire me to improve it in different ways. I would like to propose a redesign in the future.