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Illustration: Watercolour, Adobe Illustrator

Lettering: Calligraphy pens + beautiful inks

Design: Adobe Photoshop, Sketch

Web Animation: CSS3 + Javascript

Motion Design: After Effects + Premiere

Sports: Tennis since 2004

interMarble Website View Live

Jan 2018 - Mar 2018, Freelancer project

Designed and built a website using sass, Javascript for a Marble company individually. The design aimed at building up an exclusive impression for the brand. The projects and stockings are loaded dynamically and is ready for plugging in a database when the stocking data increases.

Dollenge Website

Feb 2016 - Mar 2016, Dynamic Web Design course

Built a responsive website to raise money for NPOs in KickStarter way, collaborating with a UI designer. Involved in both front-end and back-end development as well as in the UX design stage. Github

City-Internet-Human View Live

Feb - March 2017, Design Digital Media

Explored and built a browser art to convey the complicated relations among City, Internet and Human. Utilised D3.js, Twitter API and Adobe Illustrator. Github Blog Post

The Smart Wardrobe View Case

Feb 2016 - Apr 2016, Design Informatics

Designed an IoT product to keep your wardrobe organised! Utilised Arduino Yun, Pressure sensors, front-end and back-end development methods such as PHP, MySQL. Github

The Smart Table View More

Sep 2016 - April 2017, Design Informatics | Dissertation

Researched on "A Concept for Using the Internet of Things to Assist Self-Control". The project went through a Smart Table development process to research on a wide range of topics, namely the IoT market, self-control and self-management, communications in the family, IoT product design methodology, IoT data security issues and affective computing.


Composing With Paintings View More

Feb 2016 - Apr 2016, Design Informatics

Mapped colours in paintings into melodies. The project involves Arduino and Processing development. At the meantime, an interactive field test was recorded. Github

Ads Projects

At Vungle

Creating interactive ads experience in Vungle. Touching the fields including Motion design (AE), Graphic design, Interaction design, UX, and front-end(Javascript, GreenSocks)

Library Welcome Week Set

Aug 2016, UX intern | Information Service | University of Edinburgh

Designed a set of visual elements including 2 leaflets, 1 bag, 1 pen, 3 postcards. The project is based on Edinburgh University branding design guidelines.

Raccoon Van Branding

May 2015, Freelancer | A Chinese Restaurant

Designed a set of visual elements including a logo, a business card and a set of a package. Proposed a van visual design.
Target: Chinese teenagers. Style: Cartoon, energetic.
Why Raccoons? They are such adorable creatures who love eating!

Memrise Marketing Graphic Design

Aug 16 - Aug 30, 2017, Freelancer | Memrise Educational App

Designed assets for the Marketing department, including 3 sets of UAC graphic, 2 sets of App-store graphic, 1 set of email campaign template (built it!), 1 set of blog template.

Talk with Bill Business Card Design

Oct, 2014, Freelancer | Bill the teacher from U.S.

Bill is an English teacher based in Xiamen. He works as a professor in Xiamen University and has his own private courses aiming at helping students practice oral English. He needs a business card that tells people what he is doing and how to connect him. Designed the business card and supervised the printing process.

NCoins - Virtual currency for rewarding nice neighbours' helpView More

Sep 2016 - Dec 2016, Design Informatics

The initial goal was to design a digital service for preventing residents from abandoning their trash on the street. During the product design process, the idea has been developed into encouraging people to help each other and engage in the community activities.
In this project, an unusual prototyping method was proposed to adapt to the specific circumstance.

Library Mapping Digital Map View Live

Feb 2016 - May 2017, UX intern | Information Service | University of Edinburgh

Designed and built the interface of the WebApp collaborating with two back-end developers. Ran usability tests and fixed some functions using Ruby on Rails afterwards. Extended the current map to other UoE libraries.


Foodsharing App View More

Nov 2015 - Feb 2016, Volunteer | Foodsharing Org

Foodsharing is an eco-friendly app with an incentivising model that will encourage people to share food that might otherwise go to waste. I worked as a UI designer, collaborating with an Android developer and two persons from Foodsharing Org.

Jack Daniel's Landing Page Redesign View More

June 2017, Redesign for an E-Commerce task

Integrated three separated Jack Daniel's E-Commerce websites. Designed the responsive landing page including the navigation on multi-devices.